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Axial 135 m3/hr 100mm in Line Fan

$89 - with Lead & Plug $99

Mixflow Two Speed 145 and 187 m3/hr 100mm in line fan. This fan has two speeds - which speed you choose is fixed - wired in at ordering 

$160 - with lead and plug $170

12 V - 90 mm Maglev Fan


12V - 12 W power supply



The 15W Solar Kit features one 15W mono-crystalline solar panel and 120Wh LiFePO4 Battery - superior quality components, IP 67 rated against dust and moisture.

Solar Panel: 10 years - 90% efficiency, 25 Years 80% efficiency rated.

Ideal unit to power toilet vent fans 24/7, long term, trouble free. 

5 Year guarantee.


Pedestal Choices

Black Standard Pedestal with Black Seat

White Standard Pedestal & Seat

Black Standard Pedestal with 'Oak' Timber Seat

Tuscany Pedestal with White Seat
Available end of 2018

Polymarble Pedestal with seat in white,
charcoal grey or black with Toilet Seat.
from $679

Microflush Pedestal

The Microflush Pedestal uses only 0.4 liters of water per flush. Using our Microflush pedestal means that your composting chamber doesn't have to be directly below the pedestal.

Palisade Pedestal with Delux Seat

Pandora Pedestal & Delux Seat

'Oak' Deluxe Timber Seat
$75 or $45 extra as seat upgrade 

'Cedar' Deluxe Timber Seat
$75 or $45 extra as seat upgrade

Black Standard Toilet Seat $30

Whirlybird Wind Fan

or $60 extra instead of Electrical Fan Assembly

    Composting Starter and Liquid Enzyme
1 Kg Composting Starter $10
5 Kg Starter Bulk Pack $35
Liquid Enzyme 500ml Spray Bottle $10
Liquid Enzyme 2l Refill $20

Spare Composting Containers $680 (GT 120) 
or $760 (GT 330)

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