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Green Loo is proud to offer a range of different toilet rooms tailored to varying requirements. Whether a 'traditional' outhouse is required, Facilities for Public Spaces are needed, or fast deployment in Developing Nations Aid, Disaster Relief or Military application is called for. Whatever the requirement, Green Loo has a solution in store.

Green Loo Outhouses are either delivered in kit form or ready-to-use models. Most of our outhouses can accommodate all our dry toilet models: Oz - Loo, Green Loo GT Systems, Rota Loo and Enviro Loo - depending on whether the Outhouse is erected at floor level or elevated.

 Domestic Outhouses

The reasons to install a domestic outhouse are many. Adding a toilet to the shed or yard, increasing your 'seating options' at home or just adding a bio - option to a dwelling you are unable to retrofit because of construction restrictions or because you are renting.
Whatever the reasons, Green Loo has a stylish solution to suit.

Public, Aid or Disaster Relief Facilities

Green Loo is proud to offer an unparalleled range of toilet cubicles that are customised to cater for public areas (Parks, Rest Stops, etc.) and also for Developing Nation Aid, Disaster Relief and Military Applications where portability and rapid deployment are often vital.

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