Enviro Loo

The Enviro Loo

The Enviro Loo is a waterless, on-site, dry sanitation toilet system that functions without water or chemicals. It is designed for the benefit of all communities, and can be installed almost anywhere. It is an effective solution to the numerous sanitation challenges facing the world.

Benefits and Advantages

✔ Odourless
✔ Minimum maintenance and servicing costs
✔ Non-polluting zero discharge system
✔ Long term sustainable solution – life span in excess of 50 years
✔ Once off capital investment
✔ Conserves water resources
✔ No chemicals used
✔ Permanent installation, no relocation
✔ No expensive reticulation and sewage treatment plant required
The Enviro Loo works using sun and wind, which provide the catalyst for liquids to evaporate and solid matter to dehydrate into a dry stabilised waste material, roughly 5 to 10% of its original mass. It functions completely off-the-grid and does not require water, electricity or chemicals to operate.
Enviro Loo is a tried, tested and proven sanitation solution, which has been in the industry since 1993. To date, there are more than 100,000 Enviro Loo installations in 51 countries worldwide. It is already installed in many developed (Australia, France, USA, Canada, Germany, Greece) and developing countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa) and is seen as the future of sanitation by visionary countries that understand the need for an alternative system.
The Enviro Loo has been recognised internationally as an innovative, viable and affordable solution to the sanitation crisis. Formal recognition of the Enviro Loo includes:
1992: Audi Terra Nova Award – Innovators for the Environment
1997: Top Technology 100 Award – South Africa
1998: Gold Award for Best Innovation & Contribution to Health Care in Africa
2005: Laureate Award – Intel Environment and Technology, United States 
2010: Gold Award for Sanitation – Department of Human Settlements, South Africa
2015: Innovative Waterless Technology Award, India

Enviro Loo models

There are three Enviro Loo models plus Urinal currently available. All the Enviro Loo models operate on the same principles and are constructed using the same high standard of materials.
The functionality, benefits and installation are identical across all models. The difference between the 3 models relates to their capacity. The choice of model would be determined by how many users would utilise the unit.
The Enviro Loo models are designed to accommodate different user and usage requirements and needs. The Enviro Loo models are able to cater for all requirements:
D2010 Domestic unit 35 visits per day (10 People full time) $ 5,485.70
C2020 Commercial 75 visits per day (20 People full time) $ 8,687.80
I 1040 Industrial 140 visits per day (40 People full time) $ 13,750.00 to 19,800.00 depending on installation.

Below are examples of the Enviro Loo around the World

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