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New Zealand Customers' Landing Page

Kia Ora!

Welcome to Green Loo's New Zealand customers' landing page!

Green Loo is an Australian based company that supports people seeking a sustainable lifestyle in Australia, New Zealand and beyond by offering the best quality, yet best value systems available!

New Zealand is very close to our hearts as 1/2 of the company's founders (some say the better half) are from this beautiful country! There are plans underfoot to expand our operations into 'Kiwi" territory but for the moment we offer our products for sale and ship directly from Australia. Shipping is amazingly inexpensive, and in fact is similar in cost as sending to areas within Australia.

All prices on the website are in Australian currency (which is almost on a par with the New Zealand Dollar) and include Australian GST.

New Zealand customers do not pay this GST component!

Should you choose to order via our web shop (as opposed to phone or email orders), in order to take advantage of this GST rebate, when clicking on the “Shopping Bag” you will see: 

Have a promo coupon? Redeem your coupon

click on the ‘Redeem your coupon’ (see picture below) and type NEW ZEALAND (all upper case)into the field that appears. The GST will be taken out when you progress through to the Checkout.

All that remains is for us to wish you an informative and pleasant experience on our website. Please get in contact if you have any questions, suggestions or indeed wish to order.

The Green Loo Team

Ph.: 001161 411 060 740

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