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Innovative Solutions for Water Conservation

Green Loo is a Gold Coast based company offering the most advanced, effective and fail safe all-in-one solutions to your bio - sanitation needs in Australia and New Zealand .

Dry composting toilets ("DCTs") that use no water for flushing conserve precious water resources and keep effluent and pollutants out of waterways and the ecosystem. The savings on your water bill are an added bonus - and waterless toilets can, in fact, be an elegant addition to a modern bathroom.

Tailored to domestic & public applications, Green Loo's products are also proven in the military, in disaster relief and the developing world. Become part of an ever growing solution worldwide and help preserve our earth's most precious resource - water!

Self - Contained DCTs. 
Ideal for multi - level dwellings, slab buildings, caravans and tiny homes, as no under-floor space is required. You will also find Australia's and New Zealand's most affordable composting toilet here. From $795!

Green Loo GT 120 and GT 330 - the ultimate and best value infinitely scale-able batch composting system

Limited Time

Fixed Installation Composting Toilets: Click here to view both the Rota - Loo (the ingenious carousel batch composting system for  medium and large volume use) and the Clivus Multrum (the convenient continuous composting system).

To complete our solutions for your wastewater needs, visit our Greywater page.

And don't forget to head to our Outhouse section of our website. Green Loo is proud to offer a range of different toilet rooms tailored to varying requirements. Whether a 'traditional' outhouse is required, Facilities for Public Spaces are needed, or rapid deployment in Developing Nations Aid and Disaster Relief is called for. Whatever the requirement, Green Loo has a solution in store.

Water Purification Systems and Solar Power Systems.

SEASystems, our website solely dedicated to Sustainable Ecological Alternative Technologies has a great range of solutions available - including Water Purification or Solar & Alternative Energy. Click on the SEASystem logo to visit the website.

Where old meets new

Green Loo's products combine the very best of modern technology with mother nature's age old wisdom. By harnessing the power of nature, what previously was considered to be a 'waste problem' has now become a resource for us to enrich our lives.

"Water is too precious a resource

to simply waste"

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