100% Australian Made 
Continuous composting toilet system for Tiny Homes, domestic & commercial  applications!

CF 4 – The Best Value Continuous Composting System on the Market $1,995.00!

Green Loo is proud to introduce an affordable continuous composting system to the market, a system that requires only 325mm clearance under floor.

Single composting bin, no exchange of containers necessary

The CF 4 is ideal for Tiny Homes but is equally useful for small to medium size domestic applications. Suitable for3 – 4 people.

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CF 14 -The Best Value Large Continuous Composting System on the Market $3,950.00

The  CF 14 – An affordable continuous composting system requiring very minimal underfloor clearance. Can connect 2 toilet pedestals!

Low profile – only 450mm underfloor clearance required when installed partially buried. This makes it the lowest profile large continuous composting system on the market

9 – 19 people (permanent/part time) system

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The CF Systems Explained

The Cultus Fulcrum system is based on a continuous composting process in one single container. As the organic material decomposes it will reduce in volume by up to 80%. The compost pile is therefore always reducing whilst new material is being introduced from the back of the system. The finished compost is removed from the front of the container.

The CF Name Explained

Both words are Latin. Cultus means toilet, and Fulcrum is a single point – so a toilet that has a single chamber. An alternative interpretation is Cultus, meaning culture or society, and Fulcrum being a turning point. So this is also an expression how we at Green Loo are helping society in this pivotal period of change.  
Or as we say: Save the world sitting down® (& every bit helps).

CF Maintenance

A cupful of carbon rich covering material is added after each solid deposit which ensures the correct carbon/nitrogen balance for efficient composting. Rake the compost pile every 3 months or so. Remove the fully broken down compost from the front of the unit every 3 months or when necessary