1. Quality

Green Loo’s products are world leading, tried and tested systems. We stand behind our products! Indeed the Green Loo flagship system – the GT 120 and GT 330 – has received 2 UN awards and the GL 90 has become the compost toilet of choice for Tiny Homes. Now our new CF Systems are revolutionising continuous composting with simple and cost effective solutions – all Aussie made of course, and including the CF 4 – the first continuous composting system for Tiny Homes.

2. Price

Green Loo prides itself at proving best quality products at the cheapest prices. Ask us for a comparison quote!

3. We are a real business for real people – Our customer service

At Green Loo we understand that you, the customer, has a life too. As such we will take calls and inquiries outside office hours. Sometimes you just can’t call during business hours. And we certainly understand that, having just started your installation on a Saturday morning, you can’t wait until Monday to receive an answer to your question – after all, you have set aside the weekend to do this!

4. We believe in true variety – and we don’t like monopolies

Before Green Loo started in Australia, when you did your research on composting toilets, you came across many different websites, brands and retailers. On closer inspection however, you would find that when you traced this variety to its source, there was largely only a single company that is at the heart of this seeming variety of choice.

History proves that monopolies cause increased prices and decreased customer service.

We are proud to have introduced competition and added choice to the Australian market for composting toilets!

5. Transparent pricing – Everything is included

Buying a composting toilet system can be confusing enough without ‘hiding’ necessary components as ‘optional extras’ – only to find out the system costs much more than you were initially led to believe. Here at green Loo we don’t advertise toilet pedestals without seats, systems without integral and advertised parts, or other gimmicks to lure you in.

Apart from bulky vent and drainage pipe (which is easily available locally, and cheaper than sending it via transport), everything you need is included in the system. 

6. Performance

Our systems are tested in either Australian conditions or even harsher, northern European environments (without heating). Our GT systems reached Australian Standards micro biologically tested, safe levels of E-Coli and Salmonella in just 1 month in cold Finland – and they perform even better here! 

7.  Experience & Honesty

Green Loo’s founder spent 25 years living off grid in Australia – 25 years of hands on experience of dealing with composting toilets and ‘humanure’ – not simply book learning!

We take pride in being able to advise you as to the best and most affordable solution to your needs. If there is a cheaper way to achieve what you need, we will let you know! If we don’t have the right product for your requirements (unlikely), we’ll let you know! And we won’t try to up-sell – up-selling is our pet hate!