Do Composting Toilets Smell?

No, absolutely not! In fact, because all our composting toilets use a ventilation system, (either electric/solar or a whirlybird wind fan) there is actually less odour than with a normal flushing toilet. The ventilation system draws any smells down through the composting chambers, and out of the external vent pipe leaving your toilet odor free!

Won’t installing a Composting Toilet Lower the Value of my House?

On the contrary! Composting Toilets increase the value of your home and as water becomes more and more scarce (and expensive), homes equipped with Dry Toilets will command a premium price.

What Type of Composting System Should I Choose?

The Choice between the different types of system comes down to mainly 2 questions. How many people does the toilet need to service and is there sufficient (or any) space underneath the toilet floor. If in doubt, give Green Loo a call, so we can help you with your decision – making process.

How Much Water Does a Dry Toilet Save?

A Dry Toilet will save between 30,000 litres and 100,000 litres of water annually.

Isn’t it Expensive?

Compared to other wastewater management systems, Composting Toilets are actually cheaper to buy, install and operate. On top of the savings from a significantly lower initial investment and the opportunity to install lower capacity water tanks, your water bill will also be significantly reduced – a water bill that will only become larger as water becomes more expensive.

Do I Really Need to Use Wood Shavings?

Some carbon-based material or bulking agent, such as Hemp (our choice),  softwood shavings or peat, should be added daily or with each use. This gives the proper carbon–nitrogen mix, helps aerate the compost and prevents compacting. Some designs work without this addition if directions are followed, but the help of a bulking agent aids in the composting process to produce good compost, faster.

Can I Use the Finished Compost in My Garden?

Of course! The compost can be used as wonderful organic fertiliser dug into your garden or disposed of according to local council regulations.

Can I install one myself?

Sure! Someone with basic building skills can install a waterless composting toilet easily. Depending on which state the toilet is to be installed in, a registered plumber may need to sign off on the finished installation.

Is More (Complex) Better?

Avoid complicated designs! Simple passive systems with minimum moving parts are usually easier and cheaper to monitor and maintain. Designs that have more moving parts may require less maintenance if the system is working well. But if there is a problem, the more complicated designs may be more difficult to fix.

How do I Manage my Greywater?

A composting toilet only handles your solid waste, also known as black water. The grey water produced by your shower, bath, basins, laundry and kitchen sink can be treated with one of our Greywater Systems.