The Rota- Pod

The ingenious 3 bin carousel batch composting system !
  • 1 – 2 people full-time use / 2 – 3 people part-time use
  • Ingenious rotational three bin batch composting system allows for maximum capacity – when one bin is full, simply move the mechanism on, and use the next bin within the system!
  • Reduces waste by 70% -90%, leaving behind nutrient rich, hygienically safe compost for disposal
  • 12V/3W low consumption fan and convenient drain system for any excess liquid
  • Easily connects to mains power or optional solar pack (see below ‘shop section’ for our solar power kit)
  • Designed for easy installation using common handyman tools
  • Perfect for tiny homes and slab buildings, as no underfloor space is required.

Australia & New Zealand’s first self-contained
carousel type composting toilet!!!


What is included: Comes with 3 composting containers as standard
– plus 12V fan, 12V/240V transformer, vent cowl, bin lifter handles, 3 x Jute  bin liners & excess liquids drainage pipe.
Plus covering material, compost starter bacteria & instructions.


Specifications: Dimensions 800mm(L) x 800mm(W) x 480mm(H), Toilet Seat Height 460mm

The Rota-Pod’s fan can be powered by mains electricity, or by connecting it to a 12V solar power source.

The water-less Rota-Pod compost toilet is a self-contained carousel batch-composting toilet system. A silent fan increases air-flow within the system and generates enhanced evaporation capacity. This establishes ideal conditions for efficient break-down of the contents and guarantees completely odour-free operation.

Hemp/peat/wood shavings are used to aid in this process and as a cover material to minimise visual/olfactory impact.

The bins are lined with compostable Jute mats – replacements are easily available from your local garden/hardware store.

An appealing design and simplicity of use make the Rota-Pod a great choice for any location. The aerobic decomposition and evaporation functions reduce human waste to a hygienically-safe material that can be recycled back to nature without polluting the environment.

Equipped with a convenient drain tube, the Rota-Pod drains off any excess liquid not evaporated to be dispersed via a gravel filled dispersal trench.


The Rota-Pod’s proven batch composting system combined with constant air circulation proves an excellent solution to almost any situation. A very appealing design and simplicity of use, makes the Rota-Pod a great choice!

There are 3 triangular bins housed in the system. When one bin is full, simply move the mechanism on and start on the next bin. Once the third bin is full, the first bin will have broken down into fertile humus. This is then emptied out in a suitable place and the bin reinserted to be used again.

If the compost hasn’t completely matured, the oldest bin can be added to some form of composting bin, heap or container. This will then turn into usable compost that is great for your garden. In this way you can extend the capacity of the system.

The Rota-Pod is easy to install by anyone with basic handyman knowledge in just a couple hours with common household tools.

Click on pictures below illustrating the ingenious carousel bin system!

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